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TV’s Best Meaty Moments

Posted September 10th, 2015 by simon brigg    No Comments

Sure, it’s a dying medium, but over the years television has perfectly captured the entire emotional life of a meat lover. Take a look at our choice cuts from the prize cow that is TV’s Meaty Moments.

King of the Hill

Hank Hill is a master of the grill. Here he teaches Bobby straight from the meat gospel.


Homer could never follow in Hank’s footsteps, and remained outside the BBQ culture, satirizing it with his cutting edge pop art. In Aprill 1999, Homer famously asked “Le grille? What the hell is that!? To this day, we do not know.

Parks and Rec

Ron Swanson on the other hand is a man who fully understands the BBQ.

Ainsley Harriot

No chef captured the zeitgeist quite like Harriot.

Man vs Food

Hey they don’t all have to be funny – we can appreciate true emotion. Like how happy Adam Richman is when he finds an open fire pit in Texas. 1.06

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Jamie’s Pitchfork Steak

Have you ever needed a steak right now? Just riiight now pls. I said right stat now dammit! We have. Oh boy, we have. And that’s why we love Jamie Oliver for this. Boil some fat in a bucket, put your steak on a pitchfork, dip it in and enjoy.

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