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Quiz: Do You Have a Badass Mother?

Posted February 29th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

All mothers deserve respect. But some mothers, are badass mothers worthy of serious street cred/kudos/spa day rewards.

Find out if your mother is a badass mother with this quiz! Give yourself one point for every question.


She wrote you notes to get off stupid school activities



She joins in the house party


She funds the house party


She DJs at the house party


She’s insanely good at something really random from the ‘90s


She dressed you super fly as a kid

 mother 1


She still dresses you super fly as an adult

 mother 2jpg


When you visit, you always find a mysterious tenner in your wallet when you’re on the way out


On Christmas Day, you sneak off to the kitchen with her to slag off all the other guests


She has mad respect for her mum


She has an incredible record collection


And lets you say it’s yours




Your mum is not cool. She may love you, but she sure has a funny way of showing it. Maybe she didn’t make you a feminist or maybe your childhood photo album is full of awkward pictures, bad clothes and lame-ass holidays. She’s your lame-ass mum.



mother 3

You mum is kinda cool. She is at least not an embarrassment. She likes to have fun, but more importantly she has your back. She has imparted some coolness in you, but maybe she tries a little too hard to be down with your mates. At least she tries. She’s a kinda cool mother.



Your mum is badass cool. Maybe you’re Kate Moss’ secret lovechild or she could be one of the Slits. Smart, cultured and loving, she’s a badass mother and you have a great big pair of Stan Smith’s to fill by the time you reach her age. But you will. Because she’s got your back. And she’s trendy AF.

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