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How to Have the Perfect Non-Valentine’s Day with Your Mates

Posted February 9th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

The dreaded Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Booo! So, Porky’s invites you to our Anti-Valentine’s event on the 14th where we’re doing beer pong  for £15 -(25% discount!) for groups of 10, and free shots for large groups!

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Crouch End


Here at Porky’s we’re putting our #MatesBeforeDates this Valentine’s, so if you’re looking for ways to spend some quality time with your mates and forget you’re single in London, here are our favourite suggestions.

  1. Watch this Fan-Made Tribute to Tim-and-Dawn-from-The-Office’s blossoming relationship.

It will always be better than anything you’ll ever experience for yourself, anyway. Have a mate there for emotional support!


  1. Make a Pie. Eat the Pie. Be One with the Pie… and Also Yourself.

Behold! The wonderful Mary Berry’s crushed potato fish pie. Make it yourself and have a friend or two there to help crush the potatoes. Cathartic.


  1. Visit the Zoo – Animals Are always Happy.

They know nothing about Valentine’s Day! Or love. Embrace your inner animal.


  1. Sign up for a Tough Mudder.

tough mudder valentine's day

You don’t need a romantic partner when you have mud.


  1. Get Wasted and Lose at Beer Pong at Porky’s!

 Porkys beer pong

For Valentine’s Day only, groups can play beer pong at Porky’s Bankside and BOXPARK with 15% off. Grab a Porky burger and stuff it in your mouth for the ultimate celebration. Or throw it at your friend if you lose. We don’t mind.

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