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Five Things You Never Knew About Memphis

Posted January 27th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

“Elvis Presley was born there, they have BBQ food and… erm… blues music? Oh I guess I already said Elvis.”

Sadly, this is the common answer to the question “Can you name five cool things about Memphis?” Shocking, isn’t it? To ensure you never find yourself in this embarrassing situation, learn these five rad facts about the River City (and no, that it’s called that sometimes isn’t one of the facts).

  1. It Is the place Martin Luther King Was Assassinated


A sad fact, but an important one. It was in Memphis that he gave the famous I Have Been to the Mountaintop speech. “I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you,” he said. He was killed the next day.

  1. It Was Founded by a Future President!


Admittedly, Andrew Jackson isn’t the most famous president… But before this Democrat became the seventh man to hold office, he founded the city as we know it today!

  1. It Might Fall into the River Soon


A bluff is like a cliff… but one known for being slowly eroded! Much of Downtown Memphis is built on bluffs overlooking the mighty Mississippi, so get your armbands ready, Memphians!

  1. It Gave Us Otis Redding


Move over, Elvis! Otis Redding is also from Memphis. Unfortunately, like Elvis, he died before his time when his plane crashed into Lake Monona.

  1. It Has an Egyptian Pyramid!


That’s right. Bass Pro thought it would be a really clever idea to build a flagship store in a city called Memphis that was in the shape of – wait for it – a pyramid! Get it?! ‘Cos of Egypt! Get it???

Now you know enough about Memphis not to embarrass yourself, why not share these cool facts with us at Porky’s. If you order online now, delicious Memphis BBQ will be ready waiting for you.

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