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Crouch End’s Most Famous Sons and Daughter

Posted March 1st, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

Crouch End has proved fertile ground for growing Britain’s brightest and best. Just what is it about Crouch Enders that makes them so cool, accomplished and interesting? Is it nature? Or is it some N8 ability (get it?) to achieve?


  1. Simon Pegg

Is it any surprise that Simon Pegg’s nerdy, zany, almost surreal funny bone resides here in Crouch End? Surely not. The actor and director is known for partnership with Nick Frost in Spaced and the famous Cornetto Trilogy that features Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He also somehow got cast as Scotty in the Star Trek reboot.  Simon


  1. Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson grew up around Crouch End and Haringey, which explains why JME did the sound track to The X-Files. The actress, known for playing Dana Scully in the series was originally from Chicago. She is now throwing her weight into a range of humanitarian causes – oh, and the BBC’s production of War and Peace!



  1. Boris Johnson

Keen child-tackler and political Teflon-pan Boris Johnson was born in Manhattan, but moved to Crouch End in 1965. He now lives in Islington. Does this forfeit his right to be called a Crouch Ender? The jury is out…



  1. Peter Capaldi

But he’s Scottish, isn’t he? Yeah kinda. But he loves Crouch End and used to live there until becoming Doctor Who. Taking the lead role in the cult meant he was simply too famous to live in Crouch End, which, let’s face it, is exactly the kind of area where everyone watches Doctor Who and would dog him with nerdy questions on the street.



If you suspect you may be one of these people, please get in touch with Porky’s Crouch End BBQ restaurant to claim your free meal. It’s a thank you for adding to the rich tapestry of life in Crouch End.

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