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What Your First Date Venue Says About You

Posted May 3rd, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

As restaurateurs (that’s ‘food-house bosses’ in layman’s terms), we’ve seen literally hundreds of first dates. Some so hot that we could barely peel our eyes away as we cooked our burgers. Some so disastrous that we let the poor guy have his food on the house after she snuck off after 10 minutes.

What we’ve come to learn is that the location of a first date says a lot about you and who you are. Join us, as we plumb the mysterious geo-psychological depths of the first-date venue…


“Meet me early doors in the pub…”

Should they be worried that it’s 1pm and you’re already up for a swift one? Not if it’s in the plush surroundings of De Beauvoir Town or Parson’s Green. The pub doesn’t need to say “Boozer”, it can say, “I drink pints, but nice ones in nice places.”


“A brunch date. Fancy it?”

Brunch is a great, off-centre idea for a date – you just need to know your audience. If they’re weekend warriors, don’t risk getting stood up on a Sunday morning. Although, they might appreciate the offer of a bottomless, bloody mary. Don’t be found munching muesli on your tod, get out there and try something new.


 “Let’s go for a walk in Hyde Park…”

Really? For a first date? Bold. A wholesome jaunt might seem like a good idea. In actual fact, it means a lot of alone time with only each other for company. It’s an intense prospect for someone who prefers a lively bar as a social crutch, so play this card sparingly.


“Game on. We are raising the stakes…”

Hot-up any date by introducing a little bit of competition. Whether it’s crazy golf or beer pong at our very own Porky’s BBQ, a quick win or loss can work to break down any barriers. Just don’t let it bring out the ugly side of you; gracefully defeated is much better than bitterly beaten.


“Stick your Nike Air Max on, we’re going clubbing..”

Be deadly certain of two things before you take your date to the depths of a nightclub. First off, make sure it’s something they’ve done and enjoyed before. Secondly, contain yourself. Refrain from flailing around with a whistle in your mouth or you might just find yourself, well, by yourself.


“Meat me later…”

If you’re both united by a love of food, an unmatched sharing platter of smoky, slow cooked meat might be the catalyst. Sweet, sticky, soft… oh stop it. At Porky’s, we’ve got the meat platter to end all others. Just remember to pay your date the same amount of attention as the ribs.


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