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How to Survive Porky’s as a Vegetarian

Posted April 22nd, 2016 by simon brigg    1 Comment

Porky’s might be the home for meat lovers in London (and indeed, the rest of the world), but if you’re a vegetarian, who are we to turn you away? In fact, we relish the opportunity to demonstrate our superior salads, meatless burgers and delicious deserts.

So, here’s how to survive the meaty madness that is Porky’s if you live meat-free.


  1. The summer salad that packs a refreshing punch

Yes, that’s right, we do salads, too! They come as standard without any meat (although of course you could add chicken and/or bacon if you so desire), and whether you want the creamy avocado house salad or the crispy crouton and parmesan Caesar salad, we’ve got all your tastes covered.


  1. Nicey icey to satisfy your sweet tooth

From huge chocolate icecreams to lavish baked cheesecakes, those with a sweet tooth are fully catered for at all our restaurants. If you’ve still got room after your meatless main, dig into some tasty deserts!


  1. Spill the beans over our amazing bean burger

Our bean burger is the best in London. Yes, you heard us. It’s better than Nandos’ spicy bean burger. It’s years ahead of Honest Burgers’. Yes. Better than the Fritter.


  1. Sides are splitting

Sure, the main meal’s got to be your focus, but surround yourself with our tastey sides and you’ll forget you’re in meat restaurant. Whether it’s our creamy mac & cheese with a crunchy top, the sweet potato fries or the BBQ beans (or all of it, really!), you’re going to be very, very happy.


Convinced? Come to one of our five branches and get a taste of the Porky’s magic!

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