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Best Ever Campaigns on Crowdcube

Posted April 22nd, 2016 by simon brigg    2 Comments

You know Crowdcube, that trendy crowdfunding site? £150,000,000 invested so far, 270,000 members, 385 successful campaigns? That’s the one.

Well we think it’s pretty cool – that’s why we’re aiming to hit a target of £650,000 before 18th June. Here are the Crowdcube campaigns so far that we think really nailed it.


Cauli Rice


Cauliflower rice may not seem like something we would idolise here at our full-fat Memphis-style BBQ restaurant, but actually, really we do. And so did 307 other people, who helped Cauli Rice hit their £200,000 target in ONE DAY! And then went on to invest a further £234,020, helping them reach 217% of the target.


Eden Project


The Eden Project may be best known for its huge, futuristic bio-domes down in Cornwall, but they also do amazing work educating people (mostly cute little kids) on horticulture, the environment and the natural world.

They managed to raise a cool £1m in just five hours. That’s right. In the time it takes you to get out of bed on a Sunday morning, they raised enough to buy some key properties for their project and then build an education centre to teach youngster cooking skills.




If you had asked Airlander if they would hit their £500,000 target the day they launched, they would probably say “when pigs fly!” But these guys, who develop cutting-edge helium-filled aircraft, should have known better. They are now £720,730 over their target and are set to revolutionise how cargo is transported by air forever. Bravo!



Untitled design (4)

Tch… who’d have a cartoon animal as their logo? So lame… except chirp isn’t lame. It’s a way to share complex data (like videos and songs) by sound! Your phone chirps, another phone listens and boom! You’ve shared a photo just like that!

Chirp sought out a £400,000 investment. They ended up nearly doubling that, with £733,810. One investor gave them £215,000! Now that’s the kind of Crowdcube campaign that would get us chirping.


Clearly, Crowdcube is the place to be. And that’s why we’re using the crowdfunding platform in our first round of external investment. We’ll be looking trading a 6.5% steak in our meat business (get it?) for £650,000. We’ve got some amazing perks lined up for our generous investors, too.

Stay tuned to invest in Porky’s campaign – and click here to see what’s in it for you!

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