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The Most Boris Johnson Things That Have Ever Happened

Posted May 9th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

First there was Soho, which was duly occupied by the famously saucy mojo of the ‘60s boho crowd. But then, in 2008, London got BoJo. The big J.  Mister Mayor.

Of course, most people know him by his nickname, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, but that’s just a joke. No one could have such a ridiculous name in real life. That’s why the Sun go with BoJo. Because they’re a respectable peddler of reputable news items and erotic portraiture.

But now that BoJo’s reign has begun to recede into the past, let’s look back on the most Boris Johnson things that have ever happened.


  1. Boris Johnson! The cycling fanatic

 Boris Johnson


  1. The mayor who packs a punch

Boris Johnson  


  1. The mayor who said he wouldn’t run for parliament and everyone believed him

Boris Johnson  


  1. Remember when he decided to resurrect the ‘70s with an open-backed Routmaster bus? And then it just ended up being just an ordinary, expensive bus because of Health &Safety concerns? Classic BJ.

Boris Johnson  


  1. And when he promised to bring back bus conductors even though we operate on an electric ticketing system? What a maverick!

boris 5


  1. What about when he set out his ideas on foreign policy by rugby tackling a famous German

Boris 6 


  1. Or a helpless Japanese boy

 Boris 7


  1. Still, at least he’s good at basket ball

 Boris 8


  1. Maybe because he’s really American: Born in Manhattan, New York.

 boris 9

Maybe that explains those weird anti-Obama Kenya comments


  1. But back to the good times! Remember when he got stuck abseiling?

Boris Johnson  


  1. Or when he did that scene in Eastenders! Great times.

Boris 11 


  1. And when his off-track driving on Top Gear provided the perfect political metaphor

Boris 12 


So long, Boris! Thanks for everything!

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