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Cool Stuff Happening at BOXPARK this spring

Posted April 14th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

In our BOXPARK restaurant in Shoreditch, we have some pretty trendy neighbours. They might not be able to beat us at beer pong, but they’re still cool cats.

From fashion to music and – obviously – food, there’s always something exciting going on at BOXPARK. Here’s our sardonic pick of the spring’s best events.


Busk The Box

Sunday, 10 April 1-4pm

Love spoken word but wish they’d throw a backing track down first to keep it interesting? Well, then this is for you! Busk The Box is BOXPARK’s musical showcase. And now that spring is here, it’s a great time to lie back on the ‘grass’ next to the train station and hear some people strum and yodel till their heart’s content.


Taxidermy Workshop

Tuesday, 19 April 7-10pm

Love animals but wish they’d move around a bit less? Well, then this is for you! Learn how to skin, prep, preserve, mount and position animals. This is a skill for life. It’s also a skill for creeping people out to the max, so you know, there might be weirdos but it sounds cool to us anyway.



Tuesday, 26 April 7-9pm

Love the lyrical content of gigs but hate all the melodies, noise and dancing? Well, then this is for you! This evening open mic and spoken word is a great place to bust out that political diatribe you’ve been saving, or maybe just drop some powerful verbs on your audience of respectful peers.


The Friend Zone

Thursday, 28 April 6-9pm

Love meeting people at dating nights but hate all that sex and falling in love stuff? Well, then this is for you! Enter as strangers, add some free beers and fun games, then leave as friends. Come alone or in a group – it don’t matter. We’re all friends here!


Vinyl Club

Thursday, 19 May 6-9pm

No! It’s not a bludgeoning instrument made from polyvinyl chloride! It’s a evening of record-spinning by undiscovered DJs! Come to listen or even turn up early to grab one of the guest slots. Perfect for ambitious mix masters looking to perfect their technique among a community of likeminded posers.


If all the dancing, pretending to listen and stuffing dead animals makes you hungry, we’ll be upstairs to make it all better with some delicious smoked ribs, whisky ‘n’ pulled pork.

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