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Tong Twisters: Talking the BBQ Talk

Posted January 7th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

The BBQ restaurant world is full of jargon.

Sure we’re not as bad as finance guys with their SIPPs and UCISs but, realistically, how many people know how to cook a join Pittsburgh style on an EOS, or knock together a good sop? Fewer than can finish our Man vs. Ribs challenge, we’ll bet. And that ain’t a lot.

So to make the world of BBQ a more accessible world, here is a glossary of some of BBQs more obscure terminology. Can you get your tong around these tasty bits of BBQ slang?

Bark: the char that builds up around the burnt end

Burnt End: The point half of a smoked brisket is the burnt end (because it will be black and charry as hell). It is the tastiest, bestest bit of meat ever.

Butt: the cut often used for pulled pork. Not to be confused with the rump, the butt is a cut from the shoulder.

High on the Hog: a good cut of meat.

Nappe: one of the few fine French cooking terms to make its way in to barbecue lingo. It describes a thick consistency of sauce.

Maillard Effect: The basis of barbecue, basically. The reaction between amino acids and reduced sugars that makes meat so brown and so tasty.

Peeking: when you lift the grill’s lid see how it’s getting on. Don’t peek for long! If you’re a-lookin’, you ain’t cookin’!

Pulled: We’ve all eaten pulled pork, but what does pulled actually mean? Pulling is breaking the joint into small, delicious fibres for that classic pulled texture.

Rub: the rub can be dry or wet. Rubs are applied to the joint before cooking and supply those delicious barbecue flavours. Recipes are fiercely guarded and boasted about… but ours is the best.

Pittsburgh: the ‘blue steak’ taken to its delicious BBQ conclusion. Charred to a crisp on the outside, though raw (but warm!) on the inside. Delicious.

Smoke Ring: Or smoke halo. This is the ring of pink meat just under the outside of the joint after it has been barbecued properly. The ring is made by the reaction of the meat with the smoke, which can permeate the joint to some extent. Hence the shallow ring!

Sop: Usually a basting liquid. But you can also find our delicious table sop in the red bottles.

Get into our Southbank BBQ restaurant today and show off your new lingo!

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