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Keep It Clean: BBQ Cleaning Tips

Posted November 20th, 2015 by simon brigg    No Comments

With five BBQ restaurants in London, you can bet that we’ve cleaned a few grills in our time. And until they invent dishwashers large enough for a professional BBQ grill (hmm… that’s a decent product idea actually…) that doesn’t look set to change.

So take these tips from us and you’re future BBQ banquets will never be overshadowed by the Damoclean menace of having to spend an hour cleaning up afterwards ever again.

  1. Little and Often

What’s true of ovens is true of fire pits. If you keep using the same grill without washing it, it’s just going to get worse and worse.

  1. The Burning-Off Method

After use, some people like to burn off all the remaining food and grime. This is the carbonising technique. It turns the greasy soot left over from cooking fatty meat into carbonate deposits which are easier to clean away.

  1. Use Strong Products

Fairy Liquid is awesome for plates, but BBQs are to ovens what water cannons are to Supersoakers. Make your life ten times easier and actually get some properly oven cleaning cream. It’s worth it just for that sweet sparkle.

  1. Grease Disposal

Cooking juicy, juicy meat is always going to leave behind a lot of fat, oil and waxy grease at the bottom of your BBQ.

If you always put it down your sink, you’re just setting yourself up for an expensive pumping callout. If you put it in the bin, you risk a horrific leakage when your bin bag inevitably rips. So what to do?!

Top tip: use cat litter to soak up the liquids, then shovel it into the bin. It even absorbs most of the carcinogenic burnt Carbon smell!

  1. No Way but Hosé

If you have a big grill and very little time, a high pressure hose can blast all your problems away in seconds. Soak in warm soapy water, then turn on the noise! Your BBQ will be spotless in no time.

Of course, if you really hate cleaning up after eating, you can just come along to one of our BBQ restaurants in London. We may even cook for you as well if you’re nice and we’re feeling generous.

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