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How to BBQ in Winter

Posted December 11th, 2015 by simon brigg    No Comments

There might be some amongst us who believe that a barbecue is just for summer. False. At our Porky’s BBQ restaurant at Bankside, we’ve been waxing lyrical about our favourite ways to do barbecue in the winter. If you’re in the mood for meat, and you fancy it outdoors then follow our guide to the perfect winter BBQ.

Step 1: Prepare Your Winter Recipes

Some people will claim that the food is the least important part of a BBQ – winter or otherwise. We think differently, of course. You can’t have a BBQ without a classic pork sausage sarni, but how about topping your banger with an amazing dollop of pulled pork?

Never made one before? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Whether you want to click and collect from our Porky’s BOXPARK BBQ joint, or you’re closer to our Camden BBQ restaurant and want to pick up from there, we pride ourselves on our pulled pork.

Come pick some up in the morning and keep it warm while you wait for your guests to arrive.

Step 2: Send Your Invitations for Your Winter BBQ

Invitations are a big deal, these days. We also live in a post-Facebook world, so there’s no excuse for creating a Facebook event page and sending out invitations to your nearest and dearest.

We recommend spending a reasonable amount of time on your event photo – if it doesn’t pop, you might as well stop. A final point on your invitations: sometimes, a Facebook notification won’t be enough for some battle-hardened socialites. You’ll need to send them a DM or perhaps even speak with them over the phone (gasp). Wooing them with the promise of pulled pork-smothered sausages is probably a good tactic.

Step 3: Prepare Your BBQ for Whatever the Weather

It’s winter, stupid. You can’t expect that your £5.99 disposable BBQ from Tesco will be good enough for your London BBQ this winter. Try harder.

You’re going to need to position your BBQ in the least windy, most sheltered area of your outdoor space. Check the weather forecast and prepare for the worst. Make sure you keep all furniture indoors until the last moment – nobody wants to sit on icy cold chairs.

If the weather is fair, put out some blankets on your seats to create a cosier atmosphere.

Step 4: Commence the Winter BBQ Games

Once everybody’s arrived, let the festivities begin. Create your favourite wintery, Christmas punch to help ease your guests in, and if it’s snowing, get the gloves out because there’s definitely going to be a snowball fight.

Just avoid the yellow snow.

Of course, all of this might be possible if there’s a storm. You might be forced to abort the whole goddamn thing. In which case, you should come to Porky’s instead, where we’ll put on a great BBQ party for you and your mates.

Just a thought!

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