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How not to Be a Pig when Eating Ribs

Posted September 17th, 2015 by simon brigg    No Comments


Is it ok to eat ribs on a date?” asked Phil, Yahoo! Answers member since 2009.

Let us ask you a question Phil: where the hell have you been taking people on dates if you haven’t been eating BBQ? How are you enjoying your life of no ribs and no sex?

At Porky’s, we think there is no wrong way to eat BBQ food. Although, admittedly, some ways are more polite – and efficient – than others. And we’re not talking about breaking any speed-eating world records either.

As stupid as Phil’s question is, there are certainly a lot of ways to piss people off when going to town on a BBQ sharing platter. So take some advice from us to avoid being a pig next time you chew from the bone.



There are dozens of rib eating techniques, but when it comes to not eating like a pig, there are only two ways that are 100% sure not to end up in tuts and muttered insults from across the BBQ restaurant floor.

You can take it on like corn on the cob, nibbling here and there as you hold one or both ends. For God’s sake – at no point stick any more than a quarter of the entire rib in your mouth at once. These aren’t competition ribs! These are Porky’s delicious, tender BBQ ribs and they deserve to be eaten with respect!

If this is too much for you to handle, it is also acceptable to clean all the meat off the bone (with cutlery if you want to be super classy) and then attack it like pulled pork: i.e. with a fork off of your plate.


People demand a lot from burgers nowadays. Gone are the days of cheese and mince in a bread bun. But with so many extras stuffed into a burgeoning brioche bun, lubricated with lavish condiments and sauces, it’s easy for your patty to hit the deck before it hits your mouth.

People have done some serious research into preventing burger-spill. How serious? Japanese-scientist-serious. They found the best way to hold the burger is to use the pinky and thumb to hold the bottom, and three fingers on the top. This uniform pressure distribution makes sure everything stays put.

We’re not claiming to know better than Japanese scientists, but a pro Porky’s tip is to have the burger upside down on your plate. You can slide your three fingers under the ‘top’ bun-half and by the time you rotate it through 180 degrees to reach your mouth, it’s the right way up! Genius!

Now that that’s settled, pop into our original branch for the best BBQ food in Camden,


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