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Adventurous Cuts for Dangerous Eaters

Posted November 18th, 2015 by Admin    No Comments

There’s so much more to pork than ribs, chops and bacon. From tail to snout, here are some of the rare porcine pleasures available to pioneering pork aficionados.

Cut: Heart

Pig hearts have stolen recent headlines as lifesaving transplant organs. But as a constantly active involuntary muscle, they’re also a delicious, lean bit of offal.

How to Eat:
Cooking heart is all about keeping it wet. Marinate and quickly fry or BBQ for that authentic, hearty taste. Alternatively, cook it low’n’slow with a saucy stuffing for tender cuts of super-lean offal.

Cut: Head

Popular in France, but usually avoided in the UK. The ears are often crisped up and can taste great.

How to Eat:
Boil the whole head in herbs and garlic for a few hours to free up the fleshy flakes. Chill the flakes, mix with herbs, garlic and onion. Then roll up a pigs head croquette. Cover in egg, flower and breadcrumbs then deep fry. Oo, lah lah!

Cut: Trotter

Trotters are often used for their gelatin and to make stocks, but they can also be used to make canny pork patties if prepared properly…

How to Eat:
There’s a lot to do here. Boil in water with salt, seasoning, herbs and lemon. Then, while still warm, pick out all the inedible parts: bones, tendons – even (eek!) toenails.

Mush all the remaining meat, fat and collagen into little patties with a load of seasoning. Refrigerate to set – don’t worry about binding it. The collagen will help you out there. Fry it up to add some crispy colour and you’re done.

Cut: Tongue

Pork tongue is a hot cut for the Slavs. Beef tongue is more popular here, but pok tongue is definitely a cut to try.

How to Eat:
You have to blanch tongue well, boiling it to remove the skin to reveal that delicious, tender muscle. Like most rich cuts, this goes very well with oniony stocks. Slice and fry – or confit for a French twist.

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