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Why Pulled Pork Beats Brisket Every Time

Posted March 9th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about the relative merits of pulled pork and brisket. Throwing objectivity out the window (We’re a pulled pork restaurant, after all), here’s why pulled pork snorts in the face of brisket every time.


  1. Meat MADE for BBQ 

This is how God intended barbecued meat to look. Pork shoulder is a big ol’ square hunk of meat that’s shaped perfectly for the grill.


  1. Just LOOK at That Marbling 

Marbling is a big issue in meat. So much so that smart people have made relatively engaging PowerPoint presentations around the topic. The long and short of it is that people like their meat to be juicy and full of flavour, and marbling’s what provides this. Guess what, pork marbling kicks the crap out of beef marbling.


  1. Calories Speak Volumes 

We’re not playing games here. Meat is serious business, and you don’t turn up to a BBQ without having loosened your belt a couple of notches first. And which is going to stretch your waistline the most? Pulled pork, of course.


  1. The King of Flavour 

Pork has a milder taste than beef, there’s no denying that. This is something to be celebrated however, as milder foods are better at carrying flavour! Salt on potatoes, anyone?


  1. Pork Was the Original BBQ Meat 

BBQ’s a by-product of slavers in the South and East of the US who would discard pork ribs as they weren’t up to their lofty standards. Little did they know that their slaves were smoking them up and turning them into delicious, delicious BBQ food. Pork was therefore the original barbecued meat. Sorry, brisket fans.


Don’t get what all the fuss is about? Come try out some delicious pulled pork at Porky’s today. Don’t forget, we’ve just opened in Chelsea, so come say hi! Here’s a bit of food porn to get you excited.

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