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Tasting Notes: Anchor Steam

Posted September 16th, 2015 by simon brigg    No Comments


Just as Memphis BBQ was coming into its own, 2,000 miles west, so was steam beer.

As men piled into San Francisco after the Gold Rush, the demand for beer skyrocketed. To make enough for all the thirsty prospectors, beer was brewed rough-and-ready in rooftop, open-top fermenters. The product was a cheap, refreshing lager.

Anchor Steam is the modern day inheritor of this colourful past and is recognised as the archetypal steam beer in production today. Distinctive for brewing lager yeast at ale temperatures, Anchor Steam uses Northern Brewer hops.

Tasting Notes:

The rich, woody head is able to hold its own against the strong flavours of the Memphis BBQ, while the smooth, rich amber body is the perfect refresher between ribs.


At the dinner table, combine your Anchor Steam with a plate of our Memphis meaty ribs and tips. Or if you’re propping up the bar, Anchor Steam goes down a treat with our bit-sized pulled pork croquettes.

For the perfect chaser, look no further than the Wild Turkey 101. The toffee bourbon taste will be the Kentucky desert you need to round off your taste buds’ trip to the West Coast.

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