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Shoreditch’s Trendiest Clothing Outlets

Posted January 28th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

We love being in BOXPARK. There’s always something fun and exciting going on. It’s the perfect place for fun-lovin’ pigs like ourselves.

Plus it’s in trendy Shoreditch. Now, we’re not saying you guys aren’t dressed immaculately (great new top by the way), but we thought you might like to know the best spots to do some pre-lunch clothes shopping next time you eat at our BOXPARK barbecue restaurant.


  1. The Brokedown Palace


Our lovely downstairs neighbours, The Brokedown Palace sell American outdoor apparel. But don’t worry, I think you can wear it indoors too if you want to. Which is good, because it’s really cool stuff.


  1. Sunspel


Sunspel sell quality essentials that look and feel like the real deal. A menswear-only branch, this is where the gents of Shoreditch buy their classier garms. Next door to Shoreditch House, so you know they must be cool.


  1. APC


This ubercool French brand did a colab with Kanye. Everything is amazing. But boy, it ain’t cheap, so don’t spill any BBQ sauce if you come here after. Opposite the road from Shoreditch House, so you know they must be cool.


  1. Religion


On Shoreditch High Street. Kind of like if All Saints wasn’t a chain, but an independent shop based in the East End – a lot of black, a bit of leather and some bold patterns.


  1. Sneakersnstuff


This is a god-tier shoe shop, with exclusive sneaker lines from every major brand in the market. Come here if you need your kicks to be a step ahead of everyone else’s.


Now that you’re looking good, why not celebrate with a short walk across to Porky’s BOXPARK? Visit our Shoreditch branch today!


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