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Porky’s: Pork Scratchings Appeal

Posted December 11th, 2015 by simon brigg    No Comments

If they’re good enough for Beyoncé, they’re good enough for you. Pork scratchings are a delicious bar snack that we love here at Porky’s, and as well as wolfing them down all by their moreish lonesome, we also enjoy lathering them in other sorts of delicious foods. Imagine the humble scratchings are your delicious, crunchy, salty spoon on which to ladle other sumptuous foods.

  1. Mmmmm, Chilli Jam

It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it’s sticky: what more could you want atop your scratching? Some people think that sweet and savoury should never mix. These people are crazy. These are the people who think cheese and jam shouldn’t be friends. Hello: cheese and jam? Cheese and fruit! Cheese and fruit? Cheese and wine!

  1. Leftover Pulled Pork

Obviously, as a pulled pork joint, we’re naturally going to tell you to smother your scratchings in sweet, sticky pulled pork. But it’s not just a shoe-in. It’s the natural coming together of pork rind and meat, cooked separately and reunited with each other for a gloriously meaty mouthful.

  1. Leftover Turkey Gravy

Christmas is pretty much staring us straight in the eyes. It’s right here, everyone. Right. Here. What will you be doing with your Christmas dinner leftovers? Mum’s special turkey curry? Make sure you spare the gravy for your pork scratchings. Until you’ve tried this you’re really not lived.

  1. Mashed potato

Mash is, put simply, one of life’s finest pleasures. What could be better than the precious spud, crushed, with butter and cream and other ingredients of choice (we recommend a banging wholegrain mustard)? We’ll tell you what: ladling a hefty dollop onto a pork scratching!

  1. Chocolate

What? Chocolate? Eww gross. Grow up. Melt yourself down a delectable bar of brown and dip your pork scratchings straight in. Die and get yourself off to dark choc heaven with this meaty treat.

Of course, all pork scratchings – regardless of topping – should be washed down with a delectable beer of your choosing. Our Porky’s BBQ restaurants in London have a cracking (or should that be crackling?!) drinks selection, so get yourself and your mates down for a scratching or two.

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