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Porky’s Favourite Leather Jackets

Posted February 18th, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

There aren’t many items in our wardrobes that remain staples for all seasons, but a great leather jacket is definitely one of them. Come rain or shine, an awesome leather jacket can always be relied upon to make you feel ready to show the world who is boss.

Need some inspiration? Check out our favourite leather jackets:



This Schott NYC jacket has an authentic flight jacket fit, perfect if you dreamed of being a pilot as a child!



Dolce and Gabbana created the perfect sports casual leather jacket, if you can stomach the price tag.



The ultimate jacket for any Star Wars fan is this Hans Solo jacket from Matchless.



You can’t go wrong with a Levi’s jacket, and they don’t just limit themselves to denim!



A modern take on a classic from Adidas

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