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Five Places You Can Set Up Your BBQ in London

Posted October 2nd, 2015 by simon brigg    No Comments

In ancient Londinium, around dinner time, the sky would become thick with the fires of Roman rotisseries as hungry proto-Londoners got their feast on.

The Roman Empire was notoriously well regulated, but not even Gaius the Jurist would have guessed how many rules there are around barbecuing in public these days.

So to free us all from BBQ bureaucracy, Porky’s has come up with the five best places you light up your grill without having to worry about the pigs coming to lock you up. Bon appetite!

Highbury Fields

Islington has been the holy land of BBQ since the council lifted BBQ restrictions in 2011. And Highbury Fields is its Mecca. Beautiful, relaxed, family-friendly, Highbury Fields has it all. A Tesco, Waitrose and Highbury & Islington tube station are all only 2 minutes away too! Perfect.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Yes! There is more to this park than lawyers on a fag break, LSE students sitting on benches and an unaccountable number of dogs for such a professionalised area. Turns out, it also allows you to barbecue! But no disposables. Although, if you’re using a disposable BBQ you’re doing it all wrong anyway…

London Fields

When it’s hot and you’re feeling hip, there’s no better place to sizzle your burgers than London Fields. This is what London living is all about. Make sure you stick to those designated BBQ areas though.

Burgess Park

When it’s hot and you’re feeling a bit hipper (because you live in wicked South London instead of meh East London), head to Burgess Park for all your flame-grilled needs. The BBQ area is by Old Kent Road, so you can make a quick escape back to New Cross afterwards.

Caledonian Park

This park is particularly rad due to the old clock tower. Standing underneath has an almost psychedelic vibe on a sunny day. Wherever the hands are pointing, it’s always BBQ time down in this Islington park.

Of course, if you forget your matches you can always pop across to our Camden BBQ restaurant to save the day.

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