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Craft Ciders to Match Any Micro-brewed Beer

Posted January 22nd, 2016 by simon brigg    No Comments

Gather apples; about five times more than the liquid you want to produce. Pulp them to mush. Press the mush to collect the sweet juice. Add yeast. Leave for about a week and you may well have your own craft cider!

From cores in the trough, to the suckling spit roast and apple sauce on pork chops, the mighty pig and humble apple have always been chums. As such, we thought we would pay homage to our favourite ciders.

  1. Perry’s, Farm House Cider, 6.5%

“It’s a cider from Somerset, tell me something new”, you may say. In a region riddled with competition, it’s remarkable that this is largely considered the best cider in Somerset. That’s certainly something to drink to.

  1. Handmade Cider, White Label, 4.8%

Handpicked apples, pressed by hand, bottled by hand. This handsy bunch have created something sweet, in keeping with Normandy-style cider making. If you like to taste the apple in your cider, this is the one for you.

  1. Snowdrift Cider Co., Orchard Select, 8.3%

If you tend to take your clothes off after too much to drink, make sure the kids are in bed before you have a glass of this. Sitting punchy at 8.3%, this is a US cider that’s bright, rich and full of body. Treat it with respect.

  1. Foggy Ridge Cider, First Fruit, Orchard Select, 8.3%

This is another US cousin that’s come to visit. It is a blend, with early season cider apples, including Hewe’s Crab, Harrison and Parmar. It’s a mongrel of thing and it’s rich fruity taste layers on your palette, with each apple offering you something.

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