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9 Things Only Crouch Enders Will Appreciate

Posted January 15th, 2016 by simon brigg    6 Comments

  1. Crystal Palace Isn’t That Great

Everyone who visits Crouch End will see Alexandra Palace peering over the houses to say hello. Turns out, Ally Pally was built as a rival to Crystal Palace in the North of London. Only one is standing today so I guess we know who wins that fight. Plus only one has Tame Impala playing this year!



  1. And Tube Stations Are Overrated

If you’ve ever been to Crouch End, you’ll notice you can’t just tube it. The fact there’s no easy connection helps Crouch End retain its unique village character. Who wants to be underground, anyway!



  1. Speaking of Which, the 91 Is Life



  1. Big Hills Are Crap…

They may be pretty, but when you live at the top, stumbling home drunk is no longer a valid option.
No chance.


  1. …But the Views Make It Worth It

The view from the top is the best in London.



  1. The Quiet of a Proper Pub

The Kings Head, The Railway Tavern, The Haringey Arms – take your pick.



  1. Wearing Watches Is Overrated

Who needs watches when you have a clock tower like this!



  1. Bombay Bicycle Club Are a Really Great Band

Indie stars Bombay Bicycle Club are from Crouch End. I think we all know which hill The Hill is about…



  1. Old Railways Make for Great Walks


The Parkland Walk is an incredible urban trail down a disused railway line. You’ll forget you’re in busy London as you lose yourself in this hidden gem.


Whether you’re visiting or a local, pop into Porky’s Crouch End for the best BBQ food in Crouch End!


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