House Rules

1. Elbow rule
Elbows must stay behind the edge of the table during a throw otherwise it doesn’t count. Stern but fair.

2. Re-racks
You can call for your opponents to re-rack the cups TWICE in a game, but only when 6, 4, 3, or 2 cups are left.

3. Bouncing & swatting
If the ball is bounced (or bounces) on the table, the defending team can SWAT it away before it lands in a cup.

4. Blowing
If the ball lands in the opposition’s cup and starts to spin on the rim, the opposition can get down and give it a cheeky blow, in hope of moving it from the cup.

5. The death cup
If the defender has ANY drink in their hand during the game, the attacker may attempt to throw a ball into the cup. If the shot is successful, they win the game – no matter how many cups are left. Sorry not sorry.

Beer Pong Tournaments

This is the nororious London beer pong tournament that you;ve heard about. It is held at BOXPARK, Shoreditch. Bring a friend, a hilarious team name and some strong wrist action down to our Shoreditch restaurant for an alcoholic, adversarial competition on the last Wednesday of every month.

When: Last Wednesday night of every month from 6pm


Cost: £24 per team (2 players per team)

What: Knock-out rounds format

Enter: email or call 0207 739 9861

Upcoming dates to look forward to:

Wednesday 22nd Feb – Wolfpack

Wednesday 29th March – Frontier

Playing Beer Pong: Book your own table! Call or email the venue directly. (,

Don’t panic! You don’t have to wait until the tournaments to play the famous boozy, bouncy ping pong ball game.

Cost: £20 per game which includes the beer!

Book a table now.

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